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We have done our homework.

We have invested in extensive research in order to understand how certain types of classical music stimulates brain development. This research allowed us to develop our own unique formula consisting of a number of key elements that, when effectively combined, create our special series of classical music.

"At this point I must stress that I have tried using the works of various other classical composers. Majors for Minors has produced incomparable results with all the kids at my practice."

Dr Annette Lotter

In parts of our music, our flute instrument frequencies are almost identical to the frequency of a whale call. There have been numerous documentaries and research papers into the benefits of these frequencies, which have been shown to calm and stimulate.

A number of the albums have also been produced with the use of a single key throughout. This has the resulting effect of being similar to "Pink Noise" or "Ocean Sound", which has also been shown to have a positive effect on the brain.

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In another study, 76 MBA students were divided into 4 groups, each given a piece of theoretical work to study whilst listening to music. One group was given Majors for Minors.

The group that listened to Majors for Minors had an average score of 17.2% higher than the next highest group, and showed blood pressure levels of up to 11 points lower.

Some other reported benefits

Improved concentration
Handling pain and depression
Reduced recovery after illness
Reduced hyperactivity, ADD, and Tourette syndrome

A last word from Dr Annette

"We have evidence of how the correct application can enhance memory, calm kids, improve handwriting, concentration and very important, behaviour. I have weaned a lot of kids off Ritalin using music to pacify their behaviour"

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